Check out Mr. Frizzletail’s blog

Mr. Frizzletail has his own blog. Please take some time to check out what he has been doing ‘Down Under’ and come back here shortly to read about his adventures in the kitchen at YPCC today.
Here is a sneak peak:

Mr Frizzletail arrives at YPCC

It was an exciting day on Monday when we received a parcel in the post. Excitedly, we opened the package and found Mr. Frizzletail! Mr. Paige was very excited to meet Mr. Frizzletail and is looking forward to seeing what he gets up to at Yuille Park.
Be sure to check out what he does during his time in Ballarat, Victoria.

A new term and a visitor comes to YPCC

Wow, the holiday went by quickly and it is now time to get back into school. We are all excited to see everyone’s smiling faces tomorrow and to get back into learning together.
This term YPCC has been selected as a host school for a very special visitor.

Mr. Frizzel-Tail has been travelling around ‘Down Under’ since the beginning of 2012 and he is about to embark on his adventures in Ballarat this July.

Mr. Frizzle-Tail has been in Tasmania, New Zealand, NSW and has just arrived in Victoria (I’m hoping he is safely with Linda in the office as we have been away on holidays) and after some time with us he will be heading to Western Australia and finally South Australia.

Mr. Frizzle-Tail began his life in Cinncinati in America and with his special friends Miss W and Mr. Davo decided he would like to see what life was like in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mr. Frizzle – Tail will be visiting all the PODs over the next few weeks and be joining in with the exciting happenings at YPCC. Can you imagine Mr. Frizzle-Tail joining in a PE session with Mr. Grills? What about a JTC rehearsel? I can just imagine Mr. Frizzle-Tail working hard with the kids in POD 2 researching the Olympic Games and helping out Nat in our gorgeous Community Cafe.

We will be looking for reporters to share Mr. Frizzle-Tails adventures at YPCC so be sure to let me know if you’d like to be a reporter.

You can read about and watch videos of Mr. Frizzle-Tails adventures so far here This might help you with some ideas of what we can do with Mr. Frizzle-Tail here at YPCC.