Spiders and ants take over POD 1

This past week has seen more spiders and ants in our POD than anyone would ever want to see!
Do you know how many legs a spider has? How about an ant?
We have been exploring these insects and looking at what maths can be found in these creepy critters.

How many legs? How many on each side? Can you see a pattern?

How many legs can you see? How many on each side? Can you see a pattern?

We discovered that spiders have 8 legs all together. We had some pretty amazing looking spiders in our Pod this week. Spider made from people, pencil cases, blue tac and tooth pics, blocks, icy-pole sticks and more. What we discovered when we made these models was that there are 4 legs on either side of the spiders body. The kids saw that the 4 legs could be seen as 2 groups of 2 which together made 4.
These mathematical discoveries led to all kinds of interesting observations. Spiders and have 2 groups of 4 legs. Spiders have 4 groups of 2 legs. If you had 2 spiders you would have 2 lots of 8 legs and this makes 16.
The students were set challenges to see if they could figure out how many spiders there might be if there were 32 legs. It was amazing to see they great mathematical thinking and problem solving skills being applied by our young mathematicians!
The next step was to explore the ants. Do you know ants have 6 legs…3 on either side of their body. When we thought about the ants the conversation led to doubles and how using doubles is a strategy that mathematicians use to find totals…so that is what we did. How many ants would you have is there were 16 legs? How many legs would 4 ants have?
After much fun and exploration we then decided to mix up these pesky bugs to see what might happen.
See if you can solve these creepy questions:-
1. If you have 24 legs how many spiders would you have?
2. If you have 24 legs how many ants would you have?
3. If you have 28 legs how many spiders and ants might you have together?
4. I have 3 ants and a spider in my garden. How many legs all together?

See if you can solve these problems and leave a comment sharing how you solved the problems. Remember you can leave an audio comment as well.

To finish off our creepy week check out the cute critters we made in cooking club with Emily this week.
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