Cars in the garage…a mathematical problem

This week our Maths300 task was ‘Cars in the Garage’. The children were challenged to park 3 different coloured cars into the 3 parking spaces and see if they could come up with different combinations. We were looking to develop some mathematical strategies including ‘trial and error’, ‘does this problem remind you of a similar problem?’, ‘can you see a pattern?’ that might help you solve the problem.
This task was highly engaging with the kids getting their ‘hands on’ in maths. We have worked with similar problems before and it was great to see some of the kids transferring what they had previously learned to this task.
Some of the kids even went to the next step of having 4 cars and 4 garages. One of our young mathematicians began to work of a pattern and had found 14 solutions in about 30 minutes! What an awesome achievement. His next challenge was to find the remaining 10 solutions. When asked if he was up to the challenge he smiled and walked back to his workstation with a skip in his step.
The kids and staff have really embraced working with the Maths300 open ended tasks so be sure to check back here to see what we are learning in maths.

Cooking up some soup (and a storm)

This term the students in POD 1 are spending some time in our Stephanie Alexander garden and kitchen.
The students have been working in the garden to tend to our winter crops and to ensure they are in the best condition to harvest vegetables to be used in our kitchen.
Soup was on the menu this week with the students learning about the different kinds of vegies you can use to make a soup, how to prepare them safely and the steps required in making a yummy vegie soup.
This week’s class was pretty special as we shared our lesson via Skype with an ‘Energy Breakthrough’ expo being held in the Mining Exchange in Ballarat city.
It was a wonderful experience for our students to share the learning with members of the expo and to experience communicating in real time using technology.
Check out our pics below to see how it all went.