Reading across the school for Book Week

Today was a special day at YPCC. To celebrate ‘Book Week’ the students and teachers participated in a ‘whole school reading day’. The teachers chose a book from the 2012 CBC Short listed books and some winners from previous years. The stories were shared with small groups of children from across the school and then participated in an activity in response to the books.
It was great to see how enthusiastic the children from all year levels were during each reading and the works created in response were fantastic.
We had students using water colours to paint their images, facts about Thylacines, rockets being launched using vinegar and bi-carb, mozzies and midgies, bears where there were no bears, chatterboxes, kings and magic mirrors, Jeannie Baker inspired views through the students own windows, a very funny adaption on that Wonky Donkey, vine inspired artworks that the goat could not eat, creatures from across the planet and a very entertaining ‘imagination story’ in the gym.
Check out the slide show below and listen to the podcasts of students and teachers sharing their experiences of the day.
Book week podcast 1
Book week podcast 2
‘Book Week Cross Age Day’ on PhotoPeach

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