What is 1000?

This is a BIG question for 5 to 7 year olds, but at YPCC our POD 1 students took on the challenge this week to work out exactly what is 1000.
We began this exploration with what is 100. Our students were asked to estimate how many unifix blocks in a line would it take to make 100? We had a few estimations and then it was given over to the kids to explore and find out for themselves.
It was interesting to see the kids counting out the hundred in different ways. Some began by counting by 1s whilst others began to bring what they know about 100 to the task. Making groups of 10 blocks quickly made the task easier and by allowing the kids to explore independently, the math conversations and learning was far more powerful. It was wonderful to see eyes light up when the kids began to ‘know’ what makes 100 and to hear the calls like, ‘I wonder how long 200 would be’ or ‘I know that 200 would be twice as long’!
Over the next two days we estimated and explored 500 and then 1000.
One really interesting moment was when the kids, working in small groups ran out of blocks! This dilema was quickly solved when the students came up with the idea of joining groups and blocks to make the 1000!

A powerful week of mathematical thinking and connection making was enjoyed by not only the kids but also the teachers! It is an exciting place to be at YPCC each morning as we investigate math concepts and build our mathematical knowledge.

Be sure to come back and keep an eye on our great learning. We’d love to read your comments as well.

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