Hi, I’m Kath Williams and I’m the speech therapist who has starting working at Yuille Park this year. I’ve been working mostly in Pod 1 and I love it!

A Speech Therapist – also known as a ‘Speech Pathologist’ or ‘Speechie’ is trained to help people with 5 areas of communication and with eating/drinking difficulties.

The 5 areas communication are:

  • Speech: how children say different sounds such as ‘k’ ‘s’  and ‘r’
  • Language: how children understand what words mean, understand instructions and directions, how they put sentences together, being able to write clearly, and understand reading.
  • Pragmatics / social communication: how children talk and listen socially, such as using eye contact and taking turns in a conversation.
  • Fluency: also known as stuttering.
  • Voice: when children have a rough or scratchy sounding voice.

If you are worried your child’s speech please come and have a chat with me.