Puzzling in play

Today in Discovery Play I spent some time with Tamzyn, Ayliah and Arthi working with puzzles.

They made a number of puzzles including:

– a farm puzzle

– a sea puzzle

– a fire engine puzzle

– wildlife puzzle

Check out Tamzyn’s video of making her puzzle and the great writing by Ayliah and Arhti.

Photo 28-07-2014 9 38 22 am Arthi fire engine wildlife

2 thoughts on “Puzzling in play

  1. Puzzles are lots of fun! I like the way Tamsyn put in the corners first and the video is very clever. Congratulations to all the girls on their hard work. 🙂 Chrissy

  2. When I was young and went to visit my Grandma on weekends we would always get the puzzles out and spend hours placing them back together. Well done guys.

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