Boys Group With Mr Guest

Noah, Bailey and Bailey

Mr Guest’s boys group have been working on procedural writing. The boys found the ingredients needed to create pancakes from scratch. They then wrote down the step by step instructions on how to make DELICIOUS pancakes. We were then lucky enough to share Nat’s kitchen and followed our instructions to create our lunch which we topped off with maple syrup, honey and jam! The boys all worked extremely well in the kitchen measuring ingredients and reading the instructions.

Well done boys!

What was your favorite part about creating and eating the pancakes boys?

Jordan, Brad and Declan

4 thoughts on “Boys Group With Mr Guest

  1. Yummo!! When I was a kid my favourite food was pancakes with lemon and castor sugar! I think I loved them so much because mum would always make a big stack and our whole family would sit together to eat them.
    Making them from scratch is much cooler (I think) than just adding waster to a bottle and shaking.
    I’d love to know the steps you guys did to make them and how they tasted.

  2. Jorden from Pod 2, Mr Guest and I played soccer with the Pod 1 boys. The boys didn’t fight, they played with their hands to themselves and that made me happy. We had a really good game even though me team lost it was still fun.

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