One thought on “Hello Pod 1

  1. Hi Pod 1 , how are you all? I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. My holiday is coming to an end unfortunately but at least I will get to see you all soon. I’m in Rome at the moment and it’s very, very hot. It’s about 37 degrees today probably about 30 more degrees the you are experiencing in Ballarat right now. I’ve been sight seeing and have done a lot of walking around Rome. It’s such an old city. I went to the Colosseum yesterday and it is amazing. I know that Bri’s group will know all about it so they might like to tell you all what use to happen there a long time ago. I even saw some Roman soldiers , they wanted me to take their photo, so I said, “Only if I can send it it to all you “.
    There are so many people here in Rome and there is so much to see.
    I hope you’re all keeping warm ( I hear it’s been cold lately), and I will catch you all soo . I can’t wait!!

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