Pod 1 Restaurant Supplies Trip

On Friday students from Pod 1 A & C walked to Stocklands charged with the task of purchasing supplies for the Restaurant Grand Openings this week.

We had two shopping lists and visited all but 4 of the supermarket aisles.

Can you guess some of the items we bought?


4 thoughts on “Pod 1 Restaurant Supplies Trip

  1. Hi P1A & P1C,
    What recipes are you cooking for your restaurant experience?
    Let me know then I will have a go at guessing some of the ingredients!

    • Hi Emily,

      Our chefs made Tuna Pasta Bake and Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding.

      Sandy & Mr Guests class are making Pizzas, Banana Splits and Lemonade.

      Can you guess some of our ingredients?

      From Pod 1C Suppliers

  2. Hi Pod 1C,
    My guesses for ingredients:
    Tuna Pasta Bake
    Chocolate Pudding
    -hot water
    How many did I get correct?

  3. Hi children from P1C,
    My guesses for the ingredients:
    Tuna Pasta Bake; tuna, pasta shells, cheese
    Chocolate pudding; cocoa, boiling water, flour, brown sugar
    How many did I guess correct?

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