Grand Opening of The Best Restaurant Ever

On Monday 7th September, Pod 1C had the Grand Opening of their restaurant… The Best Restaurant Ever!

Using the stock our suppliers (Krystal, Matt, Jeremy, Izabella & Courtney) purchased on their outing on Friday, the Chefs (Allysa, Ally, Nayha, Tiarni, Jacob and Codie) went to work early measuring, mixing and cooking a two course meal of Tuna Pasta Bake and Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding. As we were preparing meals for 30 students and teachers we had to work out how to adjust the recipes.

Can you guess how many times we increased our recipes?

While our chefs were busy in the kitchen our Inspectors (Brayden, Luke, Jai, Chris & Xavier) checked to ensure our tables & chairs were stable, our chefs had used proper hygiene procedures and quality control tasting.  Our waiters (Dhilan, Maddy, Phoenix, Alexa, Ashley & Sophie) set the tables using our personalised placemats, cutlery and cups. Colourful restaurant signage and menus were prepared and put up by our talented marketing team (Shakira, Bryce, Jaxon, Janae, Troy) to brighten our restaurant and make it look very professional.

All set up and ready to go…we just need our diners!

Cue Pod 1B, Scotty, Tara & Ricky…

Welcome to ‘The Best Restaurant Ever’


Tuna Pasta Bake with Salad


Pod 1C Amazing Chefs


Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding for 30


Pod 1C Waiters


Grand Opening Pod 1B Dinner Guests


… Super T-MAC!

What do you think of your restaurant?

Would you want to come and dine with us?