Slatey Creek Bush Experience!


Today a group of Pod 1 students went to the Creswick State Forest and visited Slatey Creek with Mr Guest and Tara. Together we took part in fun and healthy outdoor activities such as bush walking, cubby building, tag and teamwork games.
I have 2 questions for each of you who were lucky enough to visit Slatey Creek:

1) What was your favourite part of the day?

2 What was the interesting item that you found in the bush and what are 3 words you wrote to describe it?

Great work on being healthy and active Pod 1 students!

21 thoughts on “Slatey Creek Bush Experience!

  1. Hello Pod 1,
    I’m intrigued about the interesting item you found in the bush. What was it?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. My favourite part of today was spending time with all our wonderful students and seeing them happy!
    My interesting object was gum tree bark. 3 describing words are tough, wooden and spiders.

  3. My favourite part of the day was when I saw the dirt bike track.
    My interesting object was some rocks.
    3 words: Hard, nice and it was sandy.

  4. My favourite part of the day was when I jumped in the water and I got wet hahahahaha
    The colour’s in the water, the stick’s, the plant’s, the rock’s,
    I liked it because of its different shapes and colours.

  5. My favourite part was when we went in the
    water and wen we got our feet wet.
    My interesting object was a rock. It is red
    and white and shiny.

  6. My favourite part was building a cubby.
    My interesting object was a tree stump in the coal fire.
    3 words: slippery, heavy and

  7. My favourite part was when we got to go in the water and the funny part is when we got our shoes wet and our socks did too! I had fun there as well.

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