Sing a Song of Sixpence



Sing  a song  of sixpence, 

A pocketful of rye; 

Four 4 and twenty 20 blackbirds,                       
Baked  in a pie. 

When the pie  was opened,

The birds  began to sing; 

Wasn’t that a dainty dish, 

To set before the king? 

The king  was in the counting-house, 

Counting  out his money;   

The queen  was in the parlor,

Eating bread  and honey. 

The maid  was in the garden, 

Hanging out the clothes; 

When down  came a blackbird, 

And pecked off her nose. 

*Sourced from Enchanted Learning

Christmas construction

We have been using construction materials to create our own Christmas trees. It is great to see that children have used their own ideas to create original and interesting trees.

Some children worked in teams to share their ideas.

A funny hen goes for a walk

Hi Everyone, This week we are exploring a wonderful book titled ‘Rosie’s Walk’. This book, written by Pat Hutchins tells the story of Rosie the hen. She leaves the chicken coop and sets out for a little walk. Right behind her is the fox, slyly trying to catch up with her. Rosie’s walk is quiet, uneventful and eventually leads her back to the coop, blissfully unaware of the fox’s travails as he tries — unsuccessfully — to navigate the obstacle course that Rosie has led him through.

Come back and see if another of our much loved furry friends has a similar adventure at school.