I played with Jackson. We played tail tag. He got my tail off. Jai

I was sitting on the wobble board. Aaliyah

I was balancing on the wobble board. Jackson

I liked walking along the wood. Chris

This is me balancing on the board. Hayley

I liked the wobbly board. Declan

I went on the beam. Me and Hayley went on it. Claire

I was balancing. Jaycob






Hi, I’m Kath Williams and I’m the speech therapist who has starting working at Yuille Park this year. I’ve been working mostly in Pod 1 and I love it!

A Speech Therapist – also known as a ‘Speech Pathologist’ or ‘Speechie’ is trained to help people with 5 areas of communication and with eating/drinking difficulties.

The 5 areas communication are:

  • Speech: how children say different sounds such as ‘k’ ‘s’  and ‘r’
  • Language: how children understand what words mean, understand instructions and directions, how they put sentences together, being able to write clearly, and understand reading.
  • Pragmatics / social communication: how children talk and listen socially, such as using eye contact and taking turns in a conversation.
  • Fluency: also known as stuttering.
  • Voice: when children have a rough or scratchy sounding voice.

If you are worried your child’s speech please come and have a chat with me.

Literacy Kings and Queens

Last week in our literacy group we learned ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence’.

We made a castle, crowns, treasure, gifts, pies, bread and honey.

We did pretend play being kings, queens, knights and dragons.

We learned about the letter ‘s’ and what sound it makes.

By Alexa, Amber, Claire, Chris, Declan, Hayley, Jackson, Jai, Jaycob