The Fundraiser for Donegan’s Farm

Pod 1 had a biscuit fundraiser to raise money for the school excursion to the farm.

We made Anzac biscuits, Chocolate chip biscuits and Chocolate chip anzac biscuits and sold them for 50 cents or $1.00 and they were YUMMY.

We raised $74.00. That means that we paid for 7 kids to go on the bus to the farm.

If you would like to know how to make our biscuits, head to our Cooking page and have a look at the recipe and then you will know how to make them.



Donegan’s Farm

Today we’re off to Donegan’s Farm!!!

We’re all so excited and can’t wait to see what animals there and the jobs the farmer does.

This week in literacy we’ve been thinking about our favourite farm animals and some of the animals that we might see there. Some of the animals we’ve thought of include:

  • pigs
  • bulls
  • chickens
  • cows
  • dogs

If you know anything about the animals listed above, please post a fact in our comments. 


Cows and calves at the farm


Our amazing teacher, Bri



Today we made ANZAC biscuits!!

We made them to sell to parents, teachers and kids to raise money for our farm excursion. We’re going to sell them for 50 cents

It was hard not to eat them!!

We also learned that many soldiers ate ANZAC biscuits during the war because they lasted a long time and didn’t go yukky.

We’re off to the Movies!

CinemaScreen(788x795)On Monday we’re off to the Movies to see Paper Planes!!

Many of us in Pod 1 have never been to the movies before, or have just seen 1 or 2 so it is going to be very exciting.

To get ready for the event we’re going to have our own movie afternoon in the Pod and watch an episode of Round The Twist.

If you’d like to see what Paper Planes is about click here for the link to the trailer.



Discovery- Pod 1 Kitchen Bake Off

Today in Discovery Play we made ‘Jam Drops’ after Allysa went home and spoke to her family about different ways we could use our plum jam.

We searched on for a recipe and talked about

  • measuring with measuring cups
  • stirring
  • sifting
  • preheating
  • different temperatures
  • used adjectives to describe the feel and look of our work
  • and many other things.

We had great fun working as a team and enjoyed eating and sharing our biscuits!

We can’t wait to bake something for Easter next week!


Jam Drops

Look under our cooking link for the recipe.


Calculator Walk

We’ve been going on Calculator Walks in Maths. It’s amazing, you never realise how many numbers are all around us until you start looking.

Searching for numbers around our school is helping us with understanding numbers, reading numbers, writing numbers and breaking numbers apart.

When we got back to the Pod we made a book of all of our favourite numbers. Feel free to pop into the Pod and take a look.


There are 5 round mats on the floor


There are 15 different artworks on the wall