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Puzzling in play

Today in Discovery Play I spent some time with Tamzyn, Ayliah and Arthi working with puzzles.

They made a number of puzzles including:

– a farm puzzle

– a sea puzzle

– a fire engine puzzle

– wildlife puzzle

Check out Tamzyn’s video of making her puzzle and the great writing by Ayliah and Arhti.

Photo 28-07-2014 9 38 22 am Arthi fire engine wildlife

J.Jay’s Spud Man

Today in play,/ I made a Spud man.

He has eyes, one arm, a flag nose, eyes in the top of his head, two ears and his other arm is an ear.

He is a spy and can do magic.

His flag nose helps to blow away the stinky stuff.

His eyes in his head lets him see the clouds.

His big ear arm is good for listening.

jjay spud labelled


Our farm animals

Codie's farm

Kane's farm

Today I started to make a farm with Kane. We made  two paddocks and put some animals in them.

I made a list of the dangerous animals. They are dangerous because they can kill other animals. I liked writing the list. Kane

I made a list of the farm animals and then counted them. I had 22 animals. I liked writing the animals because it is fun writing. I learnt how to write hippopotamus.

By Codie


Brad’s farm

I went to the Lego story set today in discovery play.

I made a farm.

It had a hedge that grows gold. The chains helped the vegetables to grow better because it had water coming out of it. The water helps the plants to grow.

It had four trees.

I felt good because I like making lego because you can use your imagination to make stuff.

By Brad 🙂


Look what I made in Discovery Play

Look what I made in Discovery Play

brad map

Halving a square

Today we investigated edges and corners of squares that had been halved.
The challenge was to work in groups of four to create different pictures where the edges had to be the same size. Check out our excellent work.