Digital Citizenship

Anyone around the world can see what you write online. Different cultures use different words and may require differeny protocol. What might be an acceptable word here, may offend others! Take care at all times.
• Digital citizenship means we do not ever aim to hurt anyone’s feelings or bully them.
• Never meet anyone you have met on the internet without asking your parents permission.
• Make sure you publish only your own work. Take your own photos, create your own music. If you use online images make sure there is a creative commons license or get written permission from the owner.
• Read over your writing before you post it to check spelling and that it reads well before publishing or commenting.
• It is always good protocol to reply to a person who comments on your blog, by either emailing them back or commenting back on their blog. Conversations can then begin.
Be a Good Digital Citizen
The internet is a little like the proverbial elephant that never forgets. Our digital footprints are not like the footprints on the beach, washed away by the next wave or rising tide. Rather they are like footprints left to dry in the wet concrete of the footpath. Permanent.
The Digital Citizen will follow six rules of citizenship.
Respect yourself
Protect yourself
Respect others
Protect others
Respect Intellectual Property
Protect Intellectual property.
Respect yourself
Article adapted from Andrew Churches
Thankyou to Cathy Edwards

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