Donegan’s Farm

Today we’re off to Donegan’s Farm!!!

We’re all so excited and can’t wait to see what animals there and the jobs the farmer does.

This week in literacy we’ve been thinking about our favourite farm animals and some of the animals that we might see there. Some of the animals we’ve thought of include:

  • pigs
  • bulls
  • chickens
  • cows
  • dogs

If you know anything about the animals listed above, please post a fact in our comments. 


Cows and calves at the farm


Our amazing teacher, Bri


Discovery- Pod 1 Kitchen Bake Off

Today in Discovery Play we made ‘Jam Drops’ after Allysa went home and spoke to her family about different ways we could use our plum jam.

We searched on for a recipe and talked about

  • measuring with measuring cups
  • stirring
  • sifting
  • preheating
  • different temperatures
  • used adjectives to describe the feel and look of our work
  • and many other things.

We had great fun working as a team and enjoyed eating and sharing our biscuits!

We can’t wait to bake something for Easter next week!


Jam Drops

Look under our cooking link for the recipe.


New authors on the block

Today in our morning discovery play session two new authors began to create a book about play at Yuille Park CC.

Rebecca and Charli started with creating a story map about the different play centres in the POD and brainstormed words that they might write about in each area. They then went and took some pictures of children playing in the Pod and the writing began.

They used ‘My Story’ which is a great app that lets you write stories, draw pictures, add sound and be creative by adding in all sorts of stickers. They haven’t finished their books yet but we thought we would share a ‘sneak preview’ of what a book looks like as it is coming together.

My Story is a great app for creative young authors

We will share the finished books on here soon. Check out a sneak peak of Rebecca’s book here


I played with Jackson. We played tail tag. He got my tail off. Jai

I was sitting on the wobble board. Aaliyah

I was balancing on the wobble board. Jackson

I liked walking along the wood. Chris

This is me balancing on the board. Hayley

I liked the wobbly board. Declan

I went on the beam. Me and Hayley went on it. Claire

I was balancing. Jaycob