J.Jay’s Spud Man

Today in play,/ I made a Spud man.

He has eyes, one arm, a flag nose, eyes in the top of his head, two ears and his other arm is an ear.

He is a spy and can do magic.

His flag nose helps to blow away the stinky stuff.

His eyes in his head lets him see the clouds.

His big ear arm is good for listening.

jjay spud labelled



I played with Jackson. We played tail tag. He got my tail off. Jai

I was sitting on the wobble board. Aaliyah

I was balancing on the wobble board. Jackson

I liked walking along the wood. Chris

This is me balancing on the board. Hayley

I liked the wobbly board. Declan

I went on the beam. Me and Hayley went on it. Claire

I was balancing. Jaycob





Cooking up a storm

Today in clubs we made ‘Smartie top cookies’.

To make these you need:

500 grams of Devil’s food cake mix
115 grams of melted butter
2 eggs
and some smarties

Do you think they look great?
Let us know your favourite kids receipt.

I’ll huff and I’ll gruff

Learning stories and being able to act them out is a great strategy to help developing our reading skills.
Check out this acting out and retelling of the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’.

Don’t miss the battle of the bands


Yuille Park Battle of the Bands – Friday March 22

There will be a Battle of the Bands (girls vs. boys) fundraiser to help the costs for Pod3 camps and excursion’s so they are not so expensive.
DATE: Friday 22nd March
TIME: 12-1pm
Sausage $1.50
Donuts $1.50
There will be face painting and live music.
$1.00 for 2 colours
$1.50 for 3 colours

Face Painting available –

And guess what the live music is free.

What I loved the best

This year I loved working on the computers.
I played ABC for kids. We played Pepper Pig.
You listen to it and watch it.
Pepper Pig is funny because George laughs. George is Pepper Pigs brother.
Next year I would like to have a scooter.
In Grade 1 I want to learn big words in discovery learning.
By Skye.

Drumming at YPCC

Today we had a special visitor called John. He brought his drums and drumsticks to school.All the kids in Pods 1 and 2 got to play the drums.
The kids in Pod 1 wrote about the drumming.
You can read it here.