Learning to write…writing to learn

This week our students have been learning how to be writers. They are learning about letters, words, sentences and how writers write.

We have workshops that help us to learn:

  • how to form letters of the alphabet correctly
  • how to hold a pencil correctly
  • build our fine motor skills so we have better control over our pencils
  • how writers plan, draft, write, edit and publish our work
  • strategies that help us to write by ourselves like saying a word really slowly and writing down all the sounds we hear.

Check out the photopeach below to see the great work this week.

Learning to write – writing to learn on PhotoPeach


Feet-u-ring maths

This week the kids in POD 1 have been working through a Maths300 investigation about feet.
To begin the task our students brainstormed all the different times you might have bare feet.
The following was some of their suggestions:

  • getting into the bath
  • relaxing when you get home from school
  • swimming
  • surfing
  • in bed
  • when you wake up
  • at the beach
  • at the pool
  • in the shower

After this the children were tasked with creating a ‘person’ with bare feet. They spent a couple of sessions creating their person and developing a bio for their character. The kids chose names, clothes, identities and as you can see, they were very creative.

The buzz in the POD was amazing during the task with all the kids, teachers and support staff really getting into the task. Maths in POD 1 is a delight to witness and the learning and success the kids are experiencing is wonderful. Be sure to check back in a few days to see the great math calculations happening over the rest of the week.
Feet-u-ring Maths at YPCC on PhotoPeach


A day in the gardens

Today the students in POD 1 spent the day in the botanical gardens at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat.
It was a great day and our students joined with other schools in a variety of great activities including:
– a hay bale maze
– a pirate ship
– water play
– puppet shows
– story plays
– visiting with the CFA
– making artworks
and much more.

What was your favourite activity at the lake today? Click to comment below.

What is 1000?

This is a BIG question for 5 to 7 year olds, but at YPCC our POD 1 students took on the challenge this week to work out exactly what is 1000.
We began this exploration with what is 100. Our students were asked to estimate how many unifix blocks in a line would it take to make 100? We had a few estimations and then it was given over to the kids to explore and find out for themselves.
It was interesting to see the kids counting out the hundred in different ways. Some began by counting by 1s whilst others began to bring what they know about 100 to the task. Making groups of 10 blocks quickly made the task easier and by allowing the kids to explore independently, the math conversations and learning was far more powerful. It was wonderful to see eyes light up when the kids began to ‘know’ what makes 100 and to hear the calls like, ‘I wonder how long 200 would be’ or ‘I know that 200 would be twice as long’!
Over the next two days we estimated and explored 500 and then 1000.
One really interesting moment was when the kids, working in small groups ran out of blocks! This dilema was quickly solved when the students came up with the idea of joining groups and blocks to make the 1000!

A powerful week of mathematical thinking and connection making was enjoyed by not only the kids but also the teachers! It is an exciting place to be at YPCC each morning as we investigate math concepts and build our mathematical knowledge.

Be sure to come back and keep an eye on our great learning. We’d love to read your comments as well.

Teddy Bear Doctors visit YPCC

Today was a special day at YPCC. We had around 20 training doctors visit YPCC as part of the Teddy Bear Hospital program.
The doctors worked with the children in role plays to help them learn about communicating with young patients and to help our children know the kinds of things that doctors ask and do to help them when they are feeling sick.
We were really excited to have the doctors visit our school.
Be sure to check back here over the next few days to view the blog posts written by the children.
In the meantime, check out our quizz in the Photopeach below.
Teddy Bear Hospital on PhotoPeach

Check out Cookie

We are always on the lookout for great sites that will help us learn all kinds of new things. One such site is called ‘Cookie’. Cookie is a great site to play games and learn in a fun, interactive way.
So what is Cookie. This is what the website says:

At cookie, child experts and educators design interactive online games for kids. Our learning games for kids help in building skills needed for success in school. While playing our fun educational games, kids learn to read with phonics, build skills in math, language, social studies, science and much more. Our educational videos encourage children to keep learning, even after school hours.

You can access the Cookie site by clicking on the image below and you can also find it in our literacy and numeracy links on the sidebar.

Let us know what is your favourite game and how the site might help you in your learning?

Welcome to our visiting parents and pre-schoolers

On Monday, September 3rd we are hosting an information session about our school to parents of pre-schoolers who might be starting school in 2013.
We are really excited to have them come and visit and find out a little about our beautiful school.

This blog is one way that we can share what we are learning at school with our school community and in fact with the whole world.
We now have over 1000 people from around the world who have visited our blog and are excited that some of our students are beginning to write their own blog posts.
Be sure to come back and read some of our great student posts and see what we are learning about here at YPCC.

What a game of ball can make

Last night we had 3 teams represent our school in an ‘after school’ basketball competition. It is amazing to experience how much of an impact a game can have on a school and its community!

We are pretty lucky here at YPCC to have a passionate P.E. teacher in Mr. Grills. Over the last couple of years Mr. Grills has worked with the kids to develop their knowledge and skills about different team sports and he has worked really hard to support our students to get in and have a go in local competitions.

Over the last few weeks our basketball teams have been competing in the after school competition which is run by the local association. The stories, smiles and pride the students have been bringing back to school each Friday is infectious! We are now seeing more staff, students and families getting along to support our teams and it is brilliant! Congratulations to the players, supporters, cheer squad and all members of the school community…What a team! What a school!