This week the Australian animal we are learning about is the crocodile.



The Freshwater and Saltwater crocodile can both be found in Australia.

STEAM activity

-An Aboriginal story- The bat and the crocodile.

Then create your own snapping crocodile





If time allows…. Flying Foxes and Freshwater crocodiles


Pod activity

Facts about crocodiles

Differences between saltwater and freshwater crocodile

Create a page on the Saltwater crocodile for your fact book



This week we are learning about another Australian animal the Kangaroo.


STEAM creative session –

Grey Kangaroo Facts

How the kangaroo got their tail

Build the kangaroo using provided materials.


Pod science session –

Puppet facts about Kangaroos

How the Kangaroo got their pouch

Complete facts on the colouring about kangaroos.


This term Pod 1’s Inquiry topic is CHANGE!

Our learning focus is everything in our physical world changes.

We will learn to understand HOW and WHY these changes occur and help us in our daily lives!

Check out these amazing time lapses of different CHANGE!

One year in 40 seconds

Ice melting time lapse

Lima bean time lapse

Low tide to high tide time lapse

Jai’s Laptops

Today I made some laptops, Apple ones. I like Apple computers because they look so clean and fresh and cool. To make my computers I was walking around thinking of what to do and I saw Bri with her laptop and I started thinking about laptops and decided to make some. The first one is made out of paper and the second one is made out of cardboard, texta and masking tape for the hinges ( I learnt the word hinges today). When I get older I want to buy an Apple laptop and a USB to save my work.

What is your favourite type of computer?

By Jai

Jai's LaptopsLaptops 1 and 2


Welcome Pod 1 2016!!!

Hello everyone and welcome back to what has already been a busy and exciting start to the year.

We are working really hard on our new school values and lots of people have earned wristbands already for displaying the values of belonging and respect.

Well done to Sophie Clee for getting 2 awards at assembly from both her pod teachers and the specialists. This shows that she has a wonderful capacity for making others feel like they belong. Also a big congratulations to Phoenix Paige and Chris Stenner for their leadership in helping with organising and making feel welcome the new preps. Well done everyone.

Keep an eye on this space!

The Pod 1 Team

Pod 1 Health Expo

This term Pod 1 has been learning all about healthy living. We show cased our learning with a Healthy Living Expo on Friday and invited our parents, carers and special friends to come along to see all our great work. image