Today some cool kids got to go to the Lake to have a bit of fun with Sandy and Macca. These cool kids ALWAYS do the right thing and try their best. They were; Naya, Djakira, Kayla, Brayden, Luke, Adam, Phoenix, Shane and Brooke. They had lots of fun running around and being crazy and trying to defend their bread from the pesky crows, who would try to steal it.

1st Kinder Transition

Today Mr Guest and Bridget were lucky enough to meet the kinder kids who will be in pod 1 next year. We explored the school, visited the playground, Mr Grill’s gym, Mr Ross’s woodwork room, Mrs Gibson’s art room and then finished our trip with iPads in the ICT room. Everyone was well behaved and had a great time. We can’t wait to see you in Pod 1 in 2016!

Hello from Paris

Hello Pod 1! Well I’m finally in Paris. It is such an amazing city. The Eifeel Tower was spectacular, I visited there on my first day here. Can you believe 25,000 people go there every day? 25,000 people a day. It was packed with tourists when I went. It was built in 1889 for the World Fair and it’s still standing today. Amazing!!

I’ve also seen lots of other famous buildings  and places. Today I’m going to the Louve. It’s like a massive art gallery and it’s where the famous Mona Lisa is.

Actually I’d better get going before everyone else gets there.

See ya later !

Sandy xx