Hello from Paris

Hello Pod 1! Well I’m finally in Paris. It is such an amazing city. The Eifeel Tower was spectacular, I visited there on my first day here. Can you believe 25,000 people go there every day? 25,000 people a day. It was packed with tourists when I went. It was built in 1889 for the World Fair and it’s still standing today. Amazing!!

I’ve also seen lots of other famous buildings  and places. Today I’m going to the Louve. It’s like a massive art gallery and it’s where the famous Mona Lisa is.

Actually I’d better get going before everyone else gets there.

See ya later !

Sandy xx

Sandy saw the Queen

Hi Pod 1. Well guess what?? The other day while walking around the streets of London, I saw the Queen go by. She was going to give a speech in parliament and I saw her. Can you believe that? Lots of people were lining up just to see her go by and give a little wave. I also got to see Prince Charles and Camilla.

imageI’m catching a train to Wales today. It’s not far – only 3 hours by train.

Ok , talk again soon.

Sandy xx


Sandy does London

Hi Pod 1. How are you all? Well I’m in London at the moment, seeing lots of interesting places and having lots of fun. I’ve been to Buckingham Palace to visit the Queen , unfortunately she wasn’t home when I popped in

trying to meet the Queen

trying to meet the Queen

but I got a great photo of where she lives. I met with Mr Bean and he says to say, “Hi”. He didn’t say much else though!

I saw Big Ben yesterday and it’s massive. I’m having an amazing time. Hope you guys are all well and are working hard for your teachers (especially Pod 1A) 😉

okay I’d better go now. Talk to you all soon.



by Luke, Nayah, Anas, Haylie, Tamzyn, Brayden, Codie, Ally, Jackson, Bella and Bri

We are doing a World Investigation and we are learning about the Colosseum from Ancient Rome. Rome is in a country called Italy.
We have decided to build a model of the Colosseum. We asked Mrs. Gibson for some clay and Mr. Ross for a wooden board for the floor.
Come back and visit the Pod 1 Blog soon for an update on our progress.

image image Colosseum