Merry Christmas to all

Wow, we can hardly believe that the year, 2012, is almost over and that our school year is coming to an end.
When we look back over the year there is much to celebrate.

Can you remember these:

  • learning about trains
  • learning about shops and shopping
  • learning about super heros
  • learning about houses
  • learning about pirates
  • learning about the beach
  • learning about dinosaurs
  • learning about the Olympics
  • using iPads to help us read, write, make books, make videos, create comics, play games and so much more
  • literacy workshops
  • cooking with Emily each week
  • sport
  • woodwork
  • art
  • performing arts
  • working in the garden
  • cooking with Nat in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen

In discovery learning we learnt a lot about being organised, taking turns, sharing, role playing, making things, discovering what we liked to do, designing things, learning new words, cleaning up, looking after things, being responsible, signing up to activities and so much more.

Being a good mathematician helps you to work out all kinds of things to do with numbers. We have been learning skills and strategies to  help us be good mathematicians. To do this we have learnt lots of games and investigated all kinds of math problems. Our maths program has been a highly engaging and successful part of learning in our POD this year and I’m sure if you ask any of the students and teachers they would all say they ‘love maths!’

  • In maths we learnt some great games like the kebab game, nearest numbers, face off, traffic light counting and we investigated lots of math concepts like measuring, chance and data events and making 100 and 1000.

There are so many more things we could write about but really when it comes down to it, we have had a FANTASTIC year of learning in POD 1. We would like to thank all the children, parents and the school community for their support this year.

We wish you all a safe and happy Christmas. Enjoy the holidays and we look forward to continuing to share in your child’s learning journey in 2013.

All the team in POD 1. 🙂



What a game of ball can make

Last night we had 3 teams represent our school in an ‘after school’ basketball competition. It is amazing to experience how much of an impact a game can have on a school and its community!

We are pretty lucky here at YPCC to have a passionate P.E. teacher in Mr. Grills. Over the last couple of years Mr. Grills has worked with the kids to develop their knowledge and skills about different team sports and he has worked really hard to support our students to get in and have a go in local competitions.

Over the last few weeks our basketball teams have been competing in the after school competition which is run by the local association. The stories, smiles and pride the students have been bringing back to school each Friday is infectious! We are now seeing more staff, students and families getting along to support our teams and it is brilliant! Congratulations to the players, supporters, cheer squad and all members of the school community…What a team! What a school!