Heads and legs

Today, Jeremy was investigating cows, choirs, ducks, giraffes and chickens that seemed to be hiding behind a fence.
He could only see the legs and had to work out what animals might be in the paddock.
Check out how Jeremy used the figures to solve the problem.
I wonder how many different solutions you could find with 4 heads?




Gotta’ whole lotta’ counting going on!

If you happen to pop into POD 1 you mind see a number of kids (not sure how many…how could we work that out?) counting all sorts of things. Even Mrs. Ellis got into the act and brought in some really interesting things from home that Mr. Ellis needed counted.

Photo 31-07-2014 10 38 22 am

People count in all different ways in different situations… sometimes we count by ones or twos and other times we count by bigger numbers. Continue reading