Learning to write…writing to learn

This week our students have been learning how to be writers. They are learning about letters, words, sentences and how writers write.

We have workshops that help us to learn:

  • how to form letters of the alphabet correctly
  • how to hold a pencil correctly
  • build our fine motor skills so we have better control over our pencils
  • how writers plan, draft, write, edit and publish our work
  • strategies that help us to write by ourselves like saying a word really slowly and writing down all the sounds we hear.

Check out the photopeach below to see the great work this week.

Learning to write – writing to learn on PhotoPeach


And away we go!

Welcome to our new blog.

We are POD 1 at Yuille Park Community College in Wendouree, Victoria. Our learning community is made up of Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. We have lovely spaces to learn, great equipment (we even had iPads) and some pretty cool teachers and ES staff who help us learn.

This week we have been exploring the camera with the iPads and have been taking photos in maths of the 2 digit number we modelled. We also had a go at using the video camera to record our first movies. Some of them were a bit bumpy but we are pretty sure we can hold the camera still next time.
ipad 2ipad 1

We are also learning about farms. We started this week by brainstorming and making a mindmap and wordle of the things we already know about farms. They look great. At the end of our farm unit we are going to do them again so we can see how much we have learnt.

Have you ever thought about your favourite farm animal? I wonder what it would be.

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