Feet-u-ring maths

This week the kids in POD 1 have been working through a Maths300 investigation about feet.
To begin the task our students brainstormed all the different times you might have bare feet.
The following was some of their suggestions:

  • getting into the bath
  • relaxing when you get home from school
  • swimming
  • surfing
  • in bed
  • when you wake up
  • at the beach
  • at the pool
  • in the shower

After this the children were tasked with creating a ‘person’ with bare feet. They spent a couple of sessions creating their person and developing a bio for their character. The kids chose names, clothes, identities and as you can see, they were very creative.

The buzz in the POD was amazing during the task with all the kids, teachers and support staff really getting into the task. Maths in POD 1 is a delight to witness and the learning and success the kids are experiencing is wonderful. Be sure to check back in a few days to see the great math calculations happening over the rest of the week.
Feet-u-ring Maths at YPCC on PhotoPeach


Race to 100

Last week in maths we spent a lot of time counting. We counted forwards, backwards, by 2s, by 5s, by 10s and more. We had a challenge race to count 100 sticks.
When we started we tried counting by 1s but when we finished Trish asked us to PROVE it. Mathematicians are able to prove how they get their answers so we had to think of.a way to do this.
After some hard thinking and trying some different ways of counting we came up with counting the sticks by 10s. This made counting to 100 really easy!! After that we even thought about counting by 20s. It is a lot like counting by 2s.
Do you know of a quick way to count to a target number?? What would you do if you had to count to 500.
Please answer by replying to this post.