Puzzling in play

Today in Discovery Play I spent some time with Tamzyn, Ayliah and Arthi working with puzzles.

They made a number of puzzles including:

– a farm puzzle

– a sea puzzle

– a fire engine puzzle

– wildlife puzzle

Check out Tamzyn’s video of making her puzzle and the great writing by Ayliah and Arhti.

Photo 28-07-2014 9 38 22 am Arthi fire engine wildlife

Our farm animals

Codie's farm

Kane's farm

Today I started to make a farm with Kane. We made  two paddocks and put some animals in them.

I made a list of the dangerous animals. They are dangerous because they can kill other animals. I liked writing the list. Kane

I made a list of the farm animals and then counted them. I had 22 animals. I liked writing the animals because it is fun writing. I learnt how to write hippopotamus.

By Codie


New authors on the block

Today in our morning discovery play session two new authors began to create a book about play at Yuille Park CC.

Rebecca and Charli started with creating a story map about the different play centres in the POD and brainstormed words that they might write about in each area. They then went and took some pictures of children playing in the Pod and the writing began.

They used ‘My Story’ which is a great app that lets you write stories, draw pictures, add sound and be creative by adding in all sorts of stickers. They haven’t finished their books yet but we thought we would share a ‘sneak preview’ of what a book looks like as it is coming together.

My Story is a great app for creative young authors

We will share the finished books on here soon. Check out a sneak peak of Rebecca’s book here

Play is our work

In Pod 1 we have ‘Discovery Play’ each morning. Play helps us to learn all kinds of things like how to share, turn taking, giving compliments, problem solving and learning lots of new words.
We have lots of adults who play with us each day and they learn just as much as we do.

We’d live to know something you learnt through play. Please click comment and let us know.








A day in the gardens

Today the students in POD 1 spent the day in the botanical gardens at Lake Wendouree in Ballarat.
It was a great day and our students joined with other schools in a variety of great activities including:
– a hay bale maze
– a pirate ship
– water play
– puppet shows
– story plays
– visiting with the CFA
– making artworks
and much more.

What was your favourite activity at the lake today? Click to comment below.