What a game of ball can make

Last night we had 3 teams represent our school in an ‘after school’ basketball competition. It is amazing to experience how much of an impact a game can have on a school and its community!

We are pretty lucky here at YPCC to have a passionate P.E. teacher in Mr. Grills. Over the last couple of years Mr. Grills has worked with the kids to develop their knowledge and skills about different team sports and he has worked really hard to support our students to get in and have a go in local competitions.

Over the last few weeks our basketball teams have been competing in the after school competition which is run by the local association. The stories, smiles and pride the students have been bringing back to school each Friday is infectious! We are now seeing more staff, students and families getting along to support our teams and it is brilliant! Congratulations to the players, supporters, cheer squad and all members of the school community…What a team! What a school!