Our farm animals

Codie's farm

Kane's farm

Today I started to make a farm with Kane. We made  two paddocks and put some animals in them.

I made a list of the dangerous animals. They are dangerous because they can kill other animals. I liked writing the list. Kane

I made a list of the farm animals and then counted them. I had 22 animals. I liked writing the animals because it is fun writing. I learnt how to write hippopotamus.

By Codie


New authors on the block

Today in our morning discovery play session two new authors began to create a book about play at Yuille Park CC.

Rebecca and Charli started with creating a story map about the different play centres in the POD and brainstormed words that they might write about in each area. They then went and took some pictures of children playing in the Pod and the writing began.

They used ‘My Story’ which is a great app that lets you write stories, draw pictures, add sound and be creative by adding in all sorts of stickers. They haven’t finished their books yet but we thought we would share a ‘sneak preview’ of what a book looks like as it is coming together.

My Story is a great app for creative young authors

We will share the finished books on here soon. Check out a sneak peak of Rebecca’s book here

Learning to write…writing to learn

This week our students have been learning how to be writers. They are learning about letters, words, sentences and how writers write.

We have workshops that help us to learn:

  • how to form letters of the alphabet correctly
  • how to hold a pencil correctly
  • build our fine motor skills so we have better control over our pencils
  • how writers plan, draft, write, edit and publish our work
  • strategies that help us to write by ourselves like saying a word really slowly and writing down all the sounds we hear.

Check out the photopeach below to see the great work this week.

Learning to write – writing to learn on PhotoPeach